"We serve a delivious bakkie pleur", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"Jenever know when you had genoeg gehad", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"You will eat like a boat worker when you taste our broodje bal", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"We have a mooie rooie on the wine list", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels


Welcome to Bar Brasserie Engels! Here, you can experience the taste of Rotterdam. Our dishes are prepared with real fresh Rotterdam products, from Rotterdam craftsmen or inspired by real Rotterdam natives. Rotterdam has given Bar Brasserie Engels the stage it deserves.

  • Rotterdams Vers
    • Products from the Rotterdam area, good and fresh.
  • Rotterdamse Ambacht
    • Products prepared by real Rotterdam craftsmen.
  • Rotterdams volk
    • Dishes inspired by Rotterdam heroes.

We change the dishes on our menu a few times a year so as to shine a spotlight on alternating products. If you have a product that you believe deserves to be on our menu, let us know!

Every weekend

Coffee with cake (6,50) – Your choice of coffee with your choice of gebakkie

Every Sunday

A ticket for De Doelen with a High Tea (29,50) – Every sunday we say Hi Tea and hallo Doelen