"How about a cold klets at the bar?", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"A clubsandwich? Yes toch, niet dan?", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"Yes, we have the Port of Rotterdam in a flessie", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"Our wine list is certainly not for the poes", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels

Bar Brasserie Engels

At Bar Brasserie Engels, you can experience Rotterdam allure and common sense, with a reminiscent hint of the past. During the day, Engels is the perfect spot for a nice cup of coffee, (business) lunch or high tea. As evening approaches, Engels turns into a real brasserie. Perfect for dinner or drinks. Private dinner? Not a problem. The chefs at Bar Brasserie Engels will surprise you and your colleagues, contacts or friends with contemporary versions of dishes from Rotterdam’s glory days.

Bar Brasserie Engels is open every day from 9:30am onwards for lunch, appetizers and dinner.