"We serve Kaapse carrie in a vase", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"Jenever know when you had genoeg gehad", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"Mot je nog een kaakie, by the tea?", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"A clubsandwich? Yes toch, niet dan?", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels


The Groothandelsgebouw is Rotterdam’s most important post-war monument. The multi-business centre, which has been a national heritage site since 2010, was designed right after the war by architects Maaskant and Van Tijen. The Groothandelsgebouw was well ahead of its time: the vast building not only housed many companies; an actual vehicle route enabled the internal transport of all kinds of products.

As early as 1951, the building become home to ‘Engels’, which brought zest to the building with its grand café-restaurant, conference and party venue. Years later, Bar Brasserie Engels has been returned to Rotterdam: with the same look, feel and atmosphere of its glory days, but with Rotterdam common sense. Bar Brasserie Engels is nostalgia with a twist.