"What cake je now?", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"A clubsandwich? Yes toch, niet dan?", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"Our wine list is certainly not for the poes", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels
"We have a mooie rooie on the wine list", Rotterdams is het nieuwe Engels


Are you looking for a large or a small conference room or a location for your meeting, seminar, training or major conference? Engels Meeting & Conference Centre offers fully arranged conference rooms that house parties ranging from 2 to 300 people.

All rooms are fully arranged and fully equipped. The Office Operators professional service team is here to ensure that your conference runs as smoothly as possible. You are free to use our high-quality presentation equipment, and the large rooms have sound systems as well. The rooms have top cooling and pleasant, natural light.

Around the various rooms, there are multiple seats and break-out areas where you can work in between appointments, have a nice lunch or sit together in small groups.

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